What can you expect from the lessons?

Improved Technical Ability

Our natural singing talent is often obscured by poor vocal technique, tension and lack of confidence. I have studied with different teachers and coaches over many years. My vocal exercises (mainly in the 'bel canto' tradition) are distilled from years of personal study and from professional experience. These exercises will improve:-
  • breathing
  • vocal range
  • quality and flexibility of your core sound


I try to create an atmosphere free from negative judgement where we can find true expressiveness in singing. A place where any initial embarrassment and fear can be dissolved. Whatever your level of expertise it is your joy in the process of learning which will guarantee your development.

Song Interpretation

I have worked with coaches at the highest levels in Italian, French, German and English repertoire. My work in interpretation is to help you to discover your unique vision for the piece you are performing.

Holistic Approach

Everyone has the gift of  a singing voice. The role of a voice teacher is to remove the barriers which impede your true sound. In removing these impediments we work towards freeing the voice to be the creative servant of the performer. Imagination, experimentation and being in the singing 'moment' are all key to that liberation.

What do the lessons cost?

ONE HOUR  - £30

Most of my students take a one hour singing lesson each week, with a few students taking lessons fortnightly. The frequency of the lessons is totally up to you! I am more than happy to arrange lessons around your current work, family and social life to find a time for our singing lesson that works best for both of us. I have found that half hour lessons each week work best for children under 10, for information don't hesitate to get in touch!